Brand Marketing

Launching the New Beechcraft Brand

The rebirth of a brand legend.

Dawn of a global image.

To assist with Beechcraft’s re-emergence, we were tasked with refreshing the homepage of the global website. Working within the confines of the site’s existing framework, we lightened the overall experience and provided the user some much-needed improvements.

jajo-beechcraftlaunch-casestudy-2 jajo-beechcraftlaunch-casestudy-3

Updated social platforms.

Whether they aspire to own one of the most versatile and renowned aircraft in the world or just love the brand for all it stands for, the Beechcraft following is a loyal bunch. Freshly separated from the Hawker counterpart, social audiences were once again greeted with the familiar, crimson “B” — flight checked and mission ready.


Secure inside Beechcraft.

Access to corporate communications and asset libraries are extremely important for an organization. Our role as information architects for the Beechcraft intranet was to create intuitive hierarchy and organization throughout the immense resource.


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