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Using key insights to boost a senior community

Living a life of vitality and ease is quite compelling. Especially for active seniors who are envisioning their golden years of retirement. For many adults who are 55+, the exploration of senior living options can be an arduous journey. The desire for a lifestyle full of friends, opportunities, and continuous support often leads them to a Life Plan Community where a continuum of living well is the foundation.

Senior Living marketing display of website on iPad and iPhone.
Jajo increased occupancy by 94% for their Senior Living marketing client.

Jajo was approached by Larksfield Place, a premier senior community with an aggressive occupancy goal, and a request to increase tour requests online significantly. Their website was underperforming and ranking for apartments searches by a demographic much younger than theirs; the bounce rate was huge. Twenty-somethings who did visit were confused and left in droves. The sales team didn’t have an effective way to discern the interests of real prospects until a multipurpose form was submitted. It collected minimal information and relied on the visitor heavily to fill the gaps.

How do you improve the customer journey and make salespeople happy? Segment the audience and implement a lead-generation plan that makes inquiries easy and robust. Jajo began by creating a new senior living website that identified visitors using selective choices and dynamic content. Now visitors read about offerings in the context of their needs.

Senior Living marketing made easy by Jajo.

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