Brand Marketing

Forming a New Brand

Forming the nucleus of how a brand mark is developed.

Creative exploration.

Next Element was formed in 2008 with a vision to authentically practice evidence-based soft skills development. Their passion is to teach and measure social-emotional skills that form the foundation of leadership, resiliency, teamwork and personal development.

The new logo for Next Element focuses on balance, teamwork and community. The three orbs combined with a fresh color palette represent diverse personalities in harmony, balanced and working together for a common goal.


Giving the element an identity.

Not only did we develop a fresh visual representation, we also gave Next Element a voice that complements their values and beliefs.

jajo-next-element-casestudy-cover jajo-next-element-casestudy-2 jajo-next-element-casestudy-3 jajo-next-element-casestudy-4 jajo-next-element-casestudy-5 jajo-next-element-casestudy-6 jajo-next-element-casestudy-7

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