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Impactful advertising helps close the deal.

It takes impactful marketing to attract offers on a multimillion-dollar land deal. For the promotional centerpiece, we created a gift box tailored to potential buyers. Unpacking it revealed the opportunity of a lifetime. Now for sale: 2,000 acres of pure rustic paradise.

Hooray Box

Hooray Ranch offered plenty of eye candy that would stand out in a real estate brochure. But its legacy was marketing gold. For years, people had flocked there in droves to experience a hunting culture trimmed with luxurious amenities, exquisite panoramas and human connections. The owners called it the Hooray Experience, and it was the best selling point we could ever ask for. The question was, “How can we package this experience for potential buyers?

A real estate offering this exclusive comes with a limited number of prospects. We created a highly customized promotional package to attract their attention. Each one featured a gift box and companion microsite, made-to-order as prospects emerged. When the seller notified us about a lead, we quickly sourced, assembled and personalized all the materials to deliver a fast turnaround.

Hooray Box Items
Hooray Box Items
Hooray Box Items

Packaging a Legacy

The gift box’s exterior was crafted from distressed wood and adorned with decorative hardware. Branding was wood-burned into the top. A customized nameplate was prepared for each recipient and affixed to the underside of the lid.

There was much to unpack, starting with a genuine leather portfolio containing printed materials. Beneath that was a video brochure, followed by an assortment of souvenirs from the ranch. These tokens symbolized a successful hunt and the celebration that follows. Fully assembled, each box delivered approximately 12 pounds’ worth of property promotion.

Print and Digital Marketing Working Together

The box also contained a personalized URL for a private landing page, where users could discover more photos and get the nitty-gritty details. The combination of physical and digital marketing provided a variety of engaging avenues for discovering the property’s story.

We Offer a Real Estate Marketing Partnership

Multimillion-dollar properties can spend years on the market. Our brand of real estate advertising helps close the deal by getting the word out to the right audiences. Jajo is known for innovative marketing tactics. With our support, the ranch sold in a little over six months. We are experienced real estate marketers who help clients on the hunt for success.

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