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Beautiful Web Design for Brand Spaces

How we create websites for creative industries.

You walk in. A feeling hits. Well-designed spaces make an impression you can’t forget. We approach digital design with the same goal. After all, websites are spaces too. Brands live and do business there. Impressed by our background in creating beautiful user experiences, a prominent interior design firm approached us for help with a website refresh.

Knowing When It’s Time for a New Website

Where you live says a lot about you, except when it’s everything you’re not. Digitally speaking, that was the problem we faced with Diva Design & Furniture Gallery. They are fearless, vibrant and spectacularly talented. Their website was conventional, lackluster and limited. We approached the problem like an interior designer would — by establishing a look that vibed with our client’s personality. People had to feel it when they walked through the virtual front door.

Engaging Customers Through Brand Storytelling

The Diva design team consider themselves the leading ladies in their market. Far from being prima donnas, they possess all the virtues of a diva. They’re approachable, inspiring and empowering. Guided by these attributes, we wrote a brand story that clearly defines their identity for the audience. The story also addresses any lack of awareness about their full capabilities. For years Diva has been known as an upscale furniture store. But design services are a big part of the story too. The new website paints a full picture of the brand by talking about these services and the people who provide them.

The Best Web Designs Know How to Show and Tell

Hundreds of homeowners and businesses have benefited from our client’s design services. A portfolio is essential for showcasing work, and this one required a strategic approach. The gallery includes a selection of projects that demonstrates a wide range of design capabilities. Each project has a unique and memorable identity. We named them after famous divas whose personalities fit the design styles.

Project imagery appears on almost every page, reminding visitors of the quality of work they can expect from this brand. We even integrated the client’s Instagram feed so that users can peruse the latest posts without leaving the site.

Professional Website Design Is All in the Details

Well-designed spaces flow, and the new website leverages a variety of motifs that tie the content together. The accents, patterns and prints echo the details you’d find in a home or business of exquisite design. From the color palette to the smallest accessory, every creative choice is doing its part to make an unforgettable impression.

Does My Business Need a Website?

A website is your most valuable business marketing tool. Over 80% of consumers look at a company online before deciding to visit the store. If you’re serious about attracting business, then you should invest in a high-quality website.

You’ve probably seen ads for free templates and DIY web design, but only a custom website can provide a space that’s truly unique to your brand. We’re ready to hear about your website project. Share your vision with us today.

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