B2B Marketing

Brand Remodeling for Online Marketing

Mobile optimization for a national facilities maintenance brand.

Quality Solutions, Inc. approached us with an opportunity to help solve some of their specific online pain points.

Not only did they suffer from a lack of relevant information for their customers, but they also didn’t have a site that was optimized for mobile access. This was hurting their SEO value and missing an opportunity for meaningful brand interactions.

Working with their team, we designed and built a responsive website that provided an optimized mobile experience for their users. The site was designed to be very bold and open, which was a reflection of their company values and culture.

jajo-qsi-website-casestudy-1 jajo-qsi-website-casestudy-2 jajo-qsi-website-casestudy-3 jajo-qsi-website-casestudy-4 jajo-qsi-website-casestudy-5 jajo-qsi-website-casestudy-6 jajo-qsi-website-casestudy-7

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