Industrial Marketing

Brand Refinement for a B2B Company

Creating a family of cohesiveness.

A Redefined Face.

Kice Industries had a wealth of marketing collateral but desperately needed someone to wrangle it all in. We produced comprehensive brand standards and guidelines for their own easy reference and applied them throughout the extensive library of materials. Consistency is a beautiful thing.

jajo-kice-casestudy-3 jajo-kice-casestudy-4 jajo-kice-casestudy-cover jajo-kice-casestudy-5 jajo-kice-casestudy-6

Visual Storytelling

When some of your products have system components large enough to be transported on the back of a flatbed semi trailer, you have a monumental story to tell — literally. With that challenge, Kice Industries allowed us behind the welding curtain and into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to capture assets for a grand-sized corporate brochure.

jajo-kice-casestudy-8 jajo-kice-casestudy-7

Aim high. Shoot to grow.

What do you do when you invent the category? Relentlessly defend your position. Targeted advertising utilizing quantifiable, end-product results justified why Kice Industries is on top and for good proprietary reasons. The ad series was a bullseye effort for new prospects and a testament for existing customers’ decision to buy Kice.


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