A New Day in Banking

Positioning a financial brand for growth.

When Andover State Bank approached us, they were much like other hometown banks. Held in high regard, they were providing real solutions for a prospering community. But this 100-year-old bank decided to not look its age.

An organic mark was developed in bright, warm hues. Conveying growth and welcoming its patrons with a smile from the street. Distinctly positioned, Andover State Bank was ready for all good things to come.

One of the most frequent impressions of a bank’s brand doesn’t have to play a mundane role. Andover State Bank requested identity collateral that not only worked smartly together, but exuded happiness and was a pleasure to share.

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Standing out in the haze.

Awareness and accessibility is paramount for a financial institution, whether it’s online or on the street. Andover State Bank’s curbside appeal is as functional as it is beautiful — projecting youthful energy like a beacon.


Optimization of the Digital Experience.

To adapt Andover State Bank’s new brand to a digital landscape, a responsive website that reflects the bank’s amicable persona was developed. The new website leans heavily on neighborly messaging and relatable imagery, offering a more authentic take on the digital banking experience than most competitors.

jajo-andoverstatebank-casestudy-7 jajo-andoverstatebank-casestudy-8

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