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Saddling Up for a Corporate Brand Event

Planning a brand’s annual customer event

An event worthy of Clint Eastwood’s smile.

Each year, Quality Solutions, Inc. joins the PRSM National Conference as not only a participant, but also an exhibitor. To express gratitude to their clients, QSI throws an over-the-top, themed event in the annual conference city. The year prior, we’d chartered John Wayne’s private yacht, The Wild Goose, where we entertained and sailed around Newport Bay. So how does one top The Duke’s yacht? That was for us to figure out.


A hot-iron-branded theme.

The 2013 PRSM National Conference took place in Dallas. Naturally, with the conference located in Texas, the theme of QSI’s event became the Six Shooter Soirée, which featured enticing Western aesthetic and bold illustrations. To create an air of mystery, the event invitation contained minimal information about the event and led potential guests to an RSVP landing page. The illustration of a six-chambered revolver became a detachable save the date when torn on a perforated edge.

jajo-qsi-prsm2013-casestudy-1 jajo-qsi-prsm2013-casestudy-2 jajo-qsi-prsm2013-casestudy-3

Taking the reins.

Planning an event of this magnitude demands great attention to detail. With over 100 clients to entertain, and eight months to make the soirée a success, we went to the drawing board. Dozens of hours were spent sorting through proposals, scouting locations, booking talent and handling logistics of every aspect of the event until we had a perfected agenda.


Riding hard, roping fast.

Driven 45 minutes outside Dallas to an unknown venue, QSI clients were dropped off at Circle R Ranch with no notion of what the Six Shooter Soirée would become. A classic Western mini-production was written exclusively for the event. Once at the trail camp, a trail guide greeted guests and shared the story of the ranch. As the trail guide finished telling the history of the ranch, cowboys rode in, shouting and warning guests of an ambush. The reenactment quickly escalated into a hostile takeover. An epic shootout ensued, concluding in triumph for the cowboys. The victors galloped off on their horses into the woods.

jajo-qsi-prsm2013-casestudy-4 jajo-qsi-prsm2013-casestudy-5

Post shootout, horse-drawn wagons took guests to the pavilion. There, a longhorn was available to sit and be photographed on as the soirée gained momentum. Throughout the evening, guests partook in various themed activities. Activities included everything from mechanical bull rides and Rollo-roping to armadillo races and quick draw competitions. After a Texas-sized dinner of rib-eye steaks branded with the QSI logo, the surprise entertainment was presented: country music singer, songwriter and Texas native, Trent Willmon. As the night unfolded, partygoers line danced, mingled and roasted s’mores under the open skies of the Lone Star State.


If you ask us, it was a jamboree John Wayne would be proud of.

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