B(r)and Appeal

A look into life as a band kid with style.

Fruhauf needed a lifestyle piece to show off their chic, quality band uniforms.

The look book has a youthful feel, highlighting a day in the life of the people wearing the uniforms, more so than the product itself. It emphasized who you could be when donning a Fruhauf uniform.

jajo-casestudy-fruhauf-lookbook-1 jajo-casestudy-fruhauf-lookbook-11 jajo-casestudy-fruhauf-lookbook-3 jajo-casestudy-fruhauf-lookbook-6 jajo-casestudy-fruhauf-lookbook-4 jajo-casestudy-fruhauf-lookbook-10 jajo-casestudy-fruhauf-lookbook-8 jajo-casestudy-fruhauf-lookbook-7 jajo-casestudy-fruhauf-lookbook-AA

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