It’s all about content, and why wouldn’t it be? Content is all around us. Blogs are a great way to boost traffic on social media channels and drive traffic to your website. Newsletters provide your readers with quality content, and e-mails deliver valuable information to consumers. It all circles back to one idea: writing is essential for business.

Now, let’s back up to “quality content.” We’ve all seen blogs that aren’t written as eloquently as they could be, and ones with so many grammatical errors that you get lost in what you’re reading. Common writing mistakes make it easy for readers to disregard your content and can cause major headaches for you and your peers. Cut these common errors out to help implement best business writing practices.

1. Buzzword or buzzkill?

Buzzwords words are great for search engine optimization and grabbing a reader’s attention, but an overabundance can muddle your message and result in a reader’s lost interest. Instead, keep your content clean with fewer buzzwords for a well-tailored message.

2. Run-on sentences.

Have you ever started reading a sentence and soon realized that it keeps going and going and you wonder where the sentence will end but it doesn’t end and it feels like it will never end and you realize that all you want in life is a punctuation mark so that the never-ending sentence will end? We’ve been there, too. Your audiences don’t want to weed through lengthy copy to find the point of your post. Be clear. Tell your readers what they need to know.

3. How many are there?

“Here’s some graphics for our latest campaign.” This fairly common mistake is littered throughout business pieces and can be heard often in conversation. However, it is important to remember subject-verb agreement, the basic principle stating that singular subjects require singular verbs, while plural subjects require plural verbs. In this case, the plural subject “some graphics” takes the plural verb “are.” The correct way to write the sentence is: “Here are some graphics for our latest campaign.”

These are just a few tips and writing philosophies to help keep you writing the best for your business. Implement these tips, and your posts, e-mails, newsletters and more will improve significantly. In need of copywriting assistance? Contact us today.