You get your car serviced. Why not perform that same kind of service on your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? When you complete routine maintenance on your car, you do so to increase efficiency, performance and longevity. Just like our vehicles, we should enact regular SEO maintenance on our websites.

When you purchase a new car, you expect high-performance right out of the gate. Why wouldn’t you? This reaction is similar to when you launch your website. It’s a brand-new digital vehicle for your marketing journey. Our inclination is once a site is built, then you should just let it run unchecked. It does for a while, but after putting some mileage on your website, you notice a little wear and tear. The day your check engine light comes on is when you realize your new website doesn’t perform as brand new. Now, no matter if you are an expert or not, focusing on simple tasks including changing your oil, rotating your tires, or replacing wiper blades and fluids will prevent unwanted vehicle issues. Similarly, unwanted website issues such as poor search page rankings, dwindling search traffic, and high bounce rates hinder web performance. Stopping depreciation to your most important marketing asset starts with maintaining the following SEO components. So, grab your wrenches and perform these routine SEO services to thwart declining web performance.


Every mechanic will tell you changing your oil is the most important task you can perform; likewise, keywords are the most vital part to keeping your site running at top-notch search performance. We have all been told quality keywords and keyword strings produce highly searchable content. Our strategy as marketers tasked with SEO services is to then use relevant keywords to craft engaging content for users. What we often forget from this practice is relevance changes over time. Eventually, we will need to swap out old keywords with new and relevant high-performing keywords. If we are not cognizant of keyword trends, then we risk a declining Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking on Google. For example, what we call “blockchain” today may have a different industry buzzword in a couple years, or there may be new words and search strings that haven’t even entered the marketing lexicon yet. What works today may not work tomorrow. Every website is different and requires different keywords. Just like some cars require synthetic or conventional oil, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Rotating your tires prevents excessive tread wear and gives you improved drivability. Equally, replacing your title tags and meta descriptions with search-friendly content can keep your website traffic moving smoothly. Your title tags and meta descriptions are accurate and concise descriptions of your web page’s content, which appears on SERP. They also drive your audience to visit your page, giving you a better click-through rate (CTR). A good tag and description will help your audience commit to their journey to your website. Be sure to really sell why your audience should click on this page and answer their search query. They will want to take your website out for a spin as long as it is useful to them.

Alt Text

Have you ever taken a road trip to see the sights, only to have it start raining and realize you haven’t replaced your wiper blades in a couple years? Or have you driven through a dustier part of town and discovered you’re out of wiper fluid? This has occurred to everyone during the course of a website project. They found an image they want to implement on a web page, but trying to relocate it has become increasingly difficult. This is a result of images not utilizing alt text. No matter how amazing and useful an image was designed, without alt text, internet images are impossible to locate. Search engine crawlers use alt text to properly index images, and a lack of this SEO component means the road to find your images is unclear. Help show users the way by properly adding alt text.

Time to Schedule SEO Services for Your Website

Sometimes it’s best to hire a mechanic when you want your car maintenance done right. We won’t change your car’s oil, but we can get down and dirty to perform SEO maintenance on your website. Our certified Google Analytics experts have plenty of experience in SEO services and making content king. Every company depends on highly customized SEO, which requires extensive research on target audiences and their search queries. We know the calculations and subsequent time it takes to implement SEO strategies because we’ve managed SEO for a broad range of industries and clients. So, save the busted knuckles, the grime on your slacks and the time missed on other priorities. Let our experts conduct a site audit and help your site’s SEO get back into the fast lane.