At our offices, there are a lot of things that make us happy – completing a project before deadline, Taco Tuesdays, client referrals, and naturally, a good dose of media coverage. In today’s world, “spreading the word” happens with the help of e-mails, social media, marketing and advertising. Yes, that means sending out press releases. Press releases are still an awesome way to tell your business’s success stories. Here’s why:

Back to basics

Press releases are how the industry started. Something newsworthy happened, a release was written, sent out and coverage was issued for the newsworthy piece. They’ve been the lifeline from businesses to journalists and consumers for years, helping build readership and create exposure for stories. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, ya dig?

Proof you’re awesome

Document your award-winning product or business expansion. A press release can archive your story on the Internet, newspapers and magazines. A year from now, if someone searches your business activity, this will be one more Internet hit they see.

Share your expertise

No one knows more about your business than you do. Share your knowledge with others and establish yourself as a credible expert on topics in your industry. Press releases are a great way to disseminate information to a wide variety of audiences.


Press releases help your content be present in our changing society. We’ve all seen people walking around like zombies – heads down, fingers swiping right, left, up and down. Mobile devices have transformed how we engage in our everyday lives. A recent statistic from PR Newswire says the number of consumers who own devices continues to increase, with 78 percent having smartphones, nearly 10 percent owning wearable devices and more than 50 percent having tablets. A single swipe can create a new client.

Tweets and shares

Social media is here to stay. When posted online, press releases can be re-tweeted, re-posted and shared, exposing new audiences to your business. Those links to press releases help build readership in new ways – all thanks to social media.

We know you’ve got a story to tell, and we want to help you tell it. Isn’t it time to start sharing your news with the masses? Contact us today to see how our staff of PR professionals can help you share your stories.