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Textron Aviation needed a site redesign for their flagship aircraft brand — Cessna.

The previous site had been designed prior to the explosion of responsive frameworks, wasn’t mobile-friendly, and was holding back our client who was looking for the best way to showcase their products in style. We have worked in the aerospace market for years but it helped when the Cessna team allowed us some flexibility and freedom with our approach.

Textron was preparing a large range of new products coming to market as well as legacy aircraft that needed to be supported, so we approached the project in a way that would allow us to be flexible with the page templates while maintaining brand consistency as the site grows.

Playing the Leadership Role

Our years of work may mean we have enough experience to know what being a leader in aerospace looks like, but it truly was a dream to collaborate with the Cessna team. We not only wanted to meet Textron’s standards of excellence but aspired to build a website that would want pilots to fly! We crafted an interface that was bold, confident, and scalable across a wide range of products. The messaging was given generous white space, and the photography was emphasized as a large focal point.

Responsive Aerospace Web Designs For Global Impact

Product pages were designed to be both discoverable and immersive while providing clarity for the details that matter — selecting and comparing interior options, learning about avionics and equipment options, and reviewing technical specs in detail.

Below are some of the features we implemented, you can also learn more about our approach to responsive web design here.

Build and Price Your Aircraft

We designed a multi-step tool to configure features of an aircraft, allowing for a more accurate estimate of the cost and performance of the upgrades. This tool was designed to be both flexible and scalable for future growth and new product offerings.

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