With any creative job, there is a huge connection between an employee’s emotional state and quality of work. So as a designer, it is important that my desk only holds things that inspire me and bring good energy. Here’s how I surround myself to create perfect desktop feng shui.

Declutter to de-stress

The more clutter — papers, staplers, wires — on my desk, the easier it is for me to feel overwhelmed or distracted. Clutter kills my productivity because I am constantly moving things out of the way and thinking about how disorganized I feel. One way I decluttered was to build a screen riser that hides all the cords and saves space with drawers. I keep everything off my desk that is not immediately useful or aesthetically calming. To help with focus, I never leave trash out.

Add natural elements

Because my work requires looking at a screen for the majority of my day, I try to offset my view with natural wood grains and other organic materials. Even something as simple as a green desktop image can help keep your eyes from glazing over after a long day.

Decorate with meaning

I find that meaningless, menial decoration makes me feel less engaged. So I try to use items that are visually interesting and have some sort of personal history to me. My two favorite pieces are an Egyptian box that my grandparents brought back from a trip and a hexecontahedron I made in welding class. Putting meaning into your desk allows for more enjoyment of your workspace, thus carrying better energy throughout the day.


Feng Shui examples


No matter how you choose to refresh your space, it’s critical you avoid burnout by maintaining inspiration and focus. Bringing originality to your desk is just one way to incorporate good feng shui into your creative process and improve your day-to-day.