Your business is firing on all cylinders. As you speed along, wind in your hair, you happen to glance in the side view mirror. Oh, no. There’s your branding. Miles behind you and covered in road dust.

Near the height of success, Ultimate Fighting Championship decided to tweak its logo. The change was teensy-weensy, but it meant a lot to the company, which had finally evolved into a legitimate athletic property. UFC had hoisted cage fighting from relative obscurity to global popularity. Its brand value had grown from $2 million to $4 billion — a 200,000 percent increase that owed much to identity marketing.

Other multibillion-dollar companies have taken the time to treat a bit of branding decay. Facebook made its name look more approachable. Cadillac unveiled a leaner and sleeker identity that reflected its latest product line. Google redesigned its typeface to deliver a better user experience across mobile devices. And we loved it.

Our clients find value in our branding services because we know how to bring lagging identities up to speed. We helped Andover State Bank connect with a growing audience through brand design. And when Great Lakes Polymers Technologies acquired two subsidiaries, we rebranded them as a family unit.

A logo refresh is a cue that there’s something new and exciting happening with your business. In 2015, we performed a logo update to mark our own expansion.

The Conversion Power of Branding

Branding doesn’t always receive its fair share of advertising dollars. You may be tempted to float the majority of your budget toward product marketing. Sales ads get down to business. They urge people to take immediate action. Save 20 percent. Contact a sales representative TODAY. You can even measure the success of a direct response ad by the number of clicks and phone calls it generates.

How do you measure the ROI of a logo? Where are the metrics for that?

The goal of brand marketing isn’t a quick cash grab. It’s about winning disciples and sustaining their faith, even while they watch their favorite products live and die. Brand advertising is a long-term investment — no different than the office you build and maintain, the people you hire, and the equipment and software you purchase.

In a market saturated with close competitors, your branding might be your only key differentiator. The best-designed logos can attract fierce loyalty and create product dependency, turning customers into addicts and causing knock-down drag-outs whenever someone dares to besmirch your company’s good name.

The Art of the Logo Refresh

We have demonstrable expertise in converting audiences to evangelists for your brand. One of the ways we shine as an integrated marketing agency is our logo designers, who employ seamless, coherent branding across all your sales advertising. Digital ads, product packaging, billboards, videos, T-shirts. Everything.

Think of your logo as the heart of your brand. This living locket holds your company’s values, goals and promises. But logos can feel tired, weak and stale over time. The audience may lose interest and start marching to the beat of another brand. Don’t let them.

Logo redesign is a smart way to make mature branding appear young and healthy in the consumer consciousness. Your customers crave new experiences. Maybe it’s time to prepare one for them.

Is your logo still telling the whole story? Is it powerful enough to build believers in your brand?