If you know me, you know I’m a free spirit who loves to travel and explore. During my transition back to reality on my recent return flight from Vegas, I realized that marketing projects are a lot like planning for new adventures. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much the two have in common. Here’s what I discovered.

Make an itinerary.

When kicking off a project with the creative team, a creative brief — or an itinerary for the trip — is essential. Establishing a plan is the most important step of any project. It starts with research and asking the right questions. What is the project scope? (Where should you go?) What are the desired results? (What do you want to achieve on this trip?) What’s the project schedule? (When do you plan on being there?) How much will the project cost? (How much should you save for the trip?) As you can see, you’re asking yourself very similar questions.

Work as a team.

Reliable team members are the ultimate travel companions. You need people on board with your ideas who are ready to be creative, have fun and work together to achieve a common goal. A reliable team member (or travel partner) can be the difference between a great time and an early plane ticket home.

Did you pack your swimsuit?

“Do we have images?” I hear this question in every project download. It’s important to always have an answer. Gathering assets before getting the team started on a project is imperative. Being unprepared is like missing out on poolside sun because you forgot your swimsuit. Not cool.

Find the hidden gems.

With every creative project, you’re required to make key decisions for a successful outcome. Whether it’s a brand a designer isn’t familiar with or a place you’ve never been, it’s best to take advice from someone who’s been there — a client or a well-traveled coworker — to find that special place only the locals know.

Share your experience with the world.

Once a project is complete and you return from your trip, the first thing you want to do is share your experience. I mean, if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen, right? Every project or trip aims for positive results. The better you plan your trip or project from the start, the more you can focus on enjoying the outcome.

Now that I’ve prepped you for your next adventure and you’ve got the perfect plan, remember: stop to enjoy the little things, don’t be afraid to recalculate on the fly, and always — I mean always — bring your swimsuit.