I can tell you a lot about myself. I’m more like Jyn Erso than Rey. I’m 65 percent extrovert and 35 percent introvert. If I were a Disney movie, I would be “Alice in Wonderland.” And I agree with 92 percent of people that saggy, suede boots are the trend of the 2000s that should never have existed. I take quizzes frequently — sometimes daily — if my Netflix binge is less than satisfying. But what is so satisfying about these quizzes? What is the deeper meaning behind my quest for finding the Marvel superhero that matches my astrological sign? One thing’s for sure. There’s more to it than wasting time.

When you post your quiz results live, you start an uncensored dialogue with the entire world. Don’t be surprised if it evolves into deep conversations. That might seem like a large leap to make when it’s a quiz like “Which Disney Princess Should Go?” But if you look at the comment section, I guarantee the moment someone says, “Belle is the worst,” you’ll see it happen.

When it comes to the merits of Disney princesses, one person stated: “I’m not saying Belle’s the best princess ever. That’s a matter of opinion. You don’t have to be a fighter to do good, to be a strong person or even to be an excellent role model.”

The discussion continued with what defines character, the intricacies of good and evil, and other tangential topics.

Businesses have noticed the power of quizzes to engage users. Now they create them to learn more about target audiences through the results, category selections and comments. In the end, they can generate content better geared toward their target audiences.

There’s something fun, refreshing and silly about taking one of these online quizzes. We love finding out what category we fit into and who fits in with us. It’s a win for businesses, and it’s a win for us to learn if we’re more like Bob or Linda Belcher.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go see if I’m really an old person living in a young person’s body.