Event planning is often a trending theme in many Hollywood productions. However, not everyone has J. Lo from The Wedding Planner or Franck Eggelhoffer from the Father of the Bride in their back pocket. With so much glitz and glamour overshadowing the portrait of this profession, the reality behind the job often gets lost in the message. Event planners aren’t just for social affairs—they’re key resources in business.

1. Delegate.

A good leader knows they can’t single-handedly manage every project—so they delegate. Let an experienced event planner handle all the details, while you and your staff stay on task taking care of your customers.

2. See it through to the end.

Don’t just hire a planner to help with strategy and design—let them see it through to the end. A good planner will serve as an extension of your brand, and manage all the “heavy-lifting” to ensure you are provided the opportunity to network effectively and make favorable impressions as host/hostess to your guests.

3. Industry knowledge.

You hire an event planner for their knowledge of the industry—use it! Planners have the resources to recommend and hire reputable vendors and key players in the industry. Don’t let your staff get off task by spending countless hours doing research a planner already knows.

4. Organization.

The average corporate event has at least 22 different vendors. Combine that with your own employees and your guests, and you’ve got yourself a lot of people asking questions and needing direction. Welcome schedules and lists! Planners are well versed in drafting detailed itineraries and lists for the many key players involved with your event. Ensuring each event is well organized helps maintain schedules and mitigates disaster.

5. Marketing the event.

Corporate events, charity galas and tradeshows are serious business. Whatever the function, the goal remains the same—attendance and participation. Hiring a professional team to employ strategic marketing tactics to promote your event is critical to the success of your engagement. A good planner knows how to build the hype by taking inventory of your marketing channels and capturing your audience through building awareness for your event.

Next time you’re planning a big business bash, consider hiring an event planner that possess these five skills. It’ll give you the opportunity to focus on being a great host and keeping guests happy while the professionals do the rest.