Four tactics to keep writer’s block from lurking beneath your bed.

Writer’s block is a fact of life. There is nothing more daunting than the blank, white screen, mocking you for being unable to come up with anything better than the obvious. Maybe your blockage is so bad you can’t get even the obvious down.

Everyone has their own tricks and tips to conquering the colossal creature that is writer’s block; here are a few of mine.

1. Just write.

As I said, the blank screen of your computer mocking you is a mortal enemy. So write anything, even if it’s terrible. Hell, write about how terrible it is. Just get something down. Free-flow writing is one of those techniques that I always heard about in creative writing workshops, but I’ve found it works just as well for copywriting. It doesn’t have to relate to your subject, it just has to be some form of writing to get any kind of brain activity underway. Maybe you’ll even find a jewel hidden in the rubble of your free-flow writing.

2. Read stimulating copy.

Read articles and advertising that echo the tone you want for your client’s brand or product. It helps to get your mind in the right place, especially when readjusting from writing about aviation to writing about an exhilarating, underground attraction.

3. Brainstorm lists.

Much like free-flow writing, but more tailored to the cause. I frequently find myself typing lists of words related to whatever I’ll be writing about. These lists often make no sense at all, but they get me thinking about my subject and give something to pull ideas from when I start formulating headlines and body copy.

4. Walk away.

Whether you’re literally walking away from the screen for a morning yoga session, or just picking up a different project, sometimes changing what you’re doing altogether is the best tactic. Fresh eyes can make all the difference.