Establishing a Link

Helping a brand save its customers time and money.

When new technology enters the marketplace, it’s important to unravel the complexities and shine a light on key features and benefits. That’s what the LinxUs campaign accomplished for Cessna customers.

LinxUs is a fault-isolation system that speeds up troubleshooting. When an aircraft experiences an issue during flight, LinxUs diagnoses it and notifies maintenance crews by email. Before LinxUs came along, fault data had to be manually downloaded from the aircraft. Now it happens wirelessly and automatically, giving crews time to plan a repair.


Speaking through the brand.
The campaign began with an essential first step: packaging up LinxUs in clear-spoken branding. Because of the product’s highly technical nature, the logo required a simple design that quickly identifies LinxUs’ primary feature: wireless data transmission.

LinxUs sends email alerts over Wi-Fi shortly after touchdown. LinxUs Air can transmit messages in flight via satellite. One of the challenges we faced was positioning both products under a single service, even though they work differently. The addition of “Air” not only distinguishes LinxUs Air as an enhanced product, but also clues people in on its capabilities.

Providing clarity for customers.
To assist customers’ understanding of LinxUs, we created a video. The illustrative style was chosen to simplify the complexity of the technology from a visual standpoint and make the product more approachable. The animation incorporates the differences between LinxUs and LinxUs Air while explaining how the service works — all in just 60 seconds.

Efficient content delivery.
There’s a lot customers need to know about LinxUs and LinxUs Air — capabilities, benefits, compatibility and distinguishing characteristics. The microsite is designed and developed to educate users in the most efficient way possible. Clean, organized page designs give the content breathing room so that customers aren’t faced with information overload.

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