2017 has come and gone, but the insights, anecdotes and marketing tips don’t have to. That’s why we are serving up a second helping of the most popular posts from last year.

Jajomie Spotlight

Doodling is not only an art — it’s central to Andrew Timme’s creative process. This Jajomie Spotlight takes you behind the scenes of his unique design approach.


Giving Your Product Room to Breathe

What do your customers care about? Sometimes it takes a bike ride to find out.


Travel Happy

Do you plan your traveling with detail? How about your marketing plan?


Building It Right the First Time

Have you ever thought about how the chair you’re sitting in is built? Chances are, brands go through a similar process.


Be True to You

Successful companies stay true to themselves and their customers. How do brands like CodeKit and Dollar Shave Club do it?


Putting Products in Their Place

How influential is product placement? It depends on how it fits within the marketing story.

Putting Products in Their Place


Apprehend Your Audience

To catch a target audience, you have to think like one. Investigating your audience will help your brand stand out.


What about 2018?

With a new year ahead of us, our resolution is to produce even more perspectives, written by Jajo’s finest. Look out for new blogs in 2018. And thanks for reading!