Almost every agency in aviation’s advertising sector ascribes to the same tired platitudes about our industry. “We’re an integrated advertising agency that provides traditional advertising, digital strategy, digital marketing, research and innovation. We also provide branding, logo design, public relations and event planning — in all forms of media. Really, there’s nothing we can’t do. Like we said, we’re fully integrated.” And their websites will have a list of services longer than a Cheesecake Factory menu — written explicitly for SEO.  Basically, most aviation marketing firms will say, “We’re everything to everyone.” But they’re not.

If we were to meet on the street and you asked what it is my agency does, I’d shoot you straight. So give me a minute, and I’ll tell you what Jajo is about.

Our biggest clients are in the aviation industry because, hey, our headquarters resides in the Air Capital of the World — Wichita, Kansas. Due to our experience, we understand the aviation sector like a preacher understands her congregation. We have personally led the charge and witnessed the power of aviation marketing when done right, which isn’t easy in a business saturated with competing aircraft manufacturers.

When we partner with new clients, we investigate, gather intelligence and dredge up their authentic identity. We don’t rely on what their mission statement says. We leave no key selling stone unturned. Then we engage the audience in honest conversations. We create a discussion where their voice is as important as our clients’.

Aviation advertising and marketing are not always sexy. There’s more to it than expensive TV commercials and radio spots. There’s content marketing, digital marketing strategy, social media campaigns, email campaigns, SEO, SEM, CMS and PPC. There’s also analytics and reporting, plus earned and placed media. Still the list grows with each technological leap. You catch my drift. There are countless moving parts in aviation marketing, and you need an astute partner to keep your strategy and execution in front of your customers.

If you’re working with an agency that promises you the moon but delivers dirty laundry, then you’re throwing money out the cockpit window. So give us a call today, and let’s transform your aviation advertising together.