In this edition of Jajomie Spotlight, we’re featuring the fashionable eye of art director Aubrie Lockamy. Join us as we shed light on how her experience in fashion has transformed our recent Lyndon’s campaigns.

Art Director Aubrie Lockamy

Can you tell us about your background in fashion?

My background in fashion started at a young age when I would design and draw my wardrobe for each season. I also had a well-stocked Dress ‘N Dazzle box. My brief stint in modeling, where I was able to wear some really beautiful clothing, helped me learn that there are so many aspects of fashion, from the way it fits to the quality of materials to the process of styling. I worked at various retail stores throughout college and have had several business-to-consumer clients in advertising, which helped me see how people make purchasing decisions from that perspective. Currently, I stay up to date on fashion by following bloggers, shopping at my favorite stores like Anthropologie, and talking with friends who share my appreciation.

Lyndon's Mood Board

Do you find yourself using that experience when you design?

My eye for design infiltrates all aspects of my life, so yes. When designing for Lyndon’s, I considered who they are and what they sell, as well as who they want to become. They sell beautiful textiles, represent some of fashion’s most high-end brands and dress women of all ages. In the fashion world, they are the real deal, and people need to be able to feel that through design. I wanted everything from the fonts to the imagery to be representative of the fashion industry but also take on a personalized, empowering and sometimes playful feel through the messaging and usage of unique illustrations.

Lyndon's Independence Day Promotion

Lyndon’s is inspired by the latest styles from around the world. What inspires your work?

Fashion elements like sketches and patterns mixed with modern simplicity and the basics of what fashion represents inspire this work. My task was to take existing brand standards and create a cohesive look and feel, graphically bringing Lyndon’s to the modern age. Once this look was established, our team of creatives could build upon the brand.

Do fashion and design go hand in hand?

Surprisingly, there are a lot of differences between fashion and design. I appreciate fashion, but I wouldn’t say I know fashion standards like Lyndon’s does. So, partnering with them has been great. The team and I can learn from them and understand what works best for their industry. Their trust in our design choices for their brand has been amazing.

Gift Cards for Lyndon's in Wichita, KS

What do you think is the most effective approach to working with a high-end fashion boutique?

Researching the brands they carry and understanding the customers who frequent Lyndon’s has been imperative. They carry exclusive brands with high price points. I think of what they sell more like pieces of art and want what we do for them to reflect that.

Lyndon's Summer Rack Sale Promotion

To see more of our work with Lyndon’s, visit their website, reach out on social or stop by the boutique to see how they’re transforming the fashion scene.