Stereotypical isn’t on her playlist, but remembering every song ever definitely is. Superhero name: check. Cathartic cleaner: check. Lover of sleep: check. And if you need any fashion advice, she’s got your back. Let’s dig into the designer dome of Chloe Cloud together, shall we?

1. When did you first know you wanted to be a designer?

I’ve always been encouraged to create. I’d always tell people, “When I grow up, I’ll do something creative.” So, it’s always been in the books, but I specifically wanted to be a graphic designer probably when I was a junior in high school. I was fortunate to have killer high school art teachers. It really opened my eyes to what a career in the creative industry could look like.

2. Have any signature dance moves?

The Finicky Shopper and The Naughty Finger. No, I will not demonstrate.

3. Where’s your favorite vacay spot?

Alaska, Seattle and Colorado have all been some of my favorite vacation spots. But I really loved Alaska. It’s so quiet, picturesque and cold. IS THA BEST.

4. Do commercials make you cry?

Only one has made me cry. This one. Other than that, I mute, walk away or tune them out.

5. What’s the greatest book of all time?

Well, for me, it’s a fashion illustration book on how to draw or illustrate anything runway related called “9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion.” Even if fashion isn’t your thing, it has amazing tips on drawing the figure, clothing and overall movement. It’s worth a look!

6. What’s your superhero name?

Chloe Cloud. ; )

7. On a scale from one to 10, what’s your favorite color of the alphabet?

Definitely 7.

8. What’s the most un-designer-like thing you like to do?

I really like to clean and cook. Almost in a crazy way. Cleaning is super cathartic to me. Also, sleeping. I feel like that’s not a thing creative folk do often, and I love to sleep.

9. Do you have any useless talents?

I have the ability to find four-leaf clovers anywhere I go. I have found and pressed at least 30 of them this summer alone. I can mimic a wide variety of accents. I have almost every song I’ve EVER listened to memorized and will continue to remember them.

10. What excites you most about working at Jajo?

The opportunity to learn and grow in my design abilities. I get to be in a place that is so willing to teach me. Also, getting to know people in the design community and having access to all of the great Wichita design community events.