Andrew can save the world, win his way to a championship and conquer the world all in a matter of an afternoon. And if you need a little help with historical trivia, he’s got your back. Let’s dig deep into the mind of our new brand specialist, Andrew Bayless.

1. What’s the most amazing trip you’ve ever taken?

That’s tough. My family growing up made a point to take us all over country in a minivan. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Italy, but I think the most “amazing” trip still eludes me to this point.

2. What’s the greatest video game of all time?

Not possible to narrow it down to one, so many genres so many years. That being said I can always find joy in “Age of Empires II.”

3. What’s the coolest thing about you that you’d never put on your resume?

Well I spent a good chunk of my life studying history and politics to the point I thought I may one day be a historian. So, I have a good chunk of knowledge most people will never have or want, but it comes in handy from time to time.

4. What do you do outside of work when you’re not attacking projects?

Well my biggest hobby is spending time with my wife and family. My second biggest hobby is saving the world, winning championships, conquering empires and keeping peace in the old west — all in a digital capacity of course.

5. Marvel or DC?

Aren’t we all divided enough…? But Marvel.

6. Would you consider yourself a hunter, gatherer or something else altogether?

Not entirely sure how to answer this one, I guess you could say gatherer. I tend to listen before speaking and let ideas mature before I speak my mind on most things.

7. Do you have any favorite hangouts?

Most days I prefer my apartment, but from time to time I like to spend my nights kicking back at the East Warren 21. (No kids allowed).

8. What’s the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?

Couldn’t tell you. I don’t take decisions very lightly, and to this point, most decisions I have made have been with all risks assessed to the point where I either didn’t deem them risks or the rewards were much greater than the alternative.

9. Have you ever eaten anything really weird?

Well, as someone who has a metabolic disorder that most people have never heard of, you could say I eat “really weird” food every day, e.g., synthetic pastas.

10. What excites you most about working at Jajo?

Finally getting to work in a capacity that uses what I would deem my best strengths correctly. Everywhere I have worked prior to Jajo has either needed me to bend my creative brain or structured brain in a way that always felt off balance. I look forward to having both of my brains “meshing.”