She’s a kid-herding hopeless romantic who’s happiest belting out Queen on a dry bathroom floor. And that’s just scratching the surface. Sit back, relax and get to know the brand coordinating glue who holds us all together.

1. Which fictional character would you like to meet in real life?

I feel so cheesy saying this but Mr. Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice.” I’m a huge romantic, and I have loved the book and movies since I was in eighth grade. Seeing him walk through the misty field in the early morning to profess his love? Come on! It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

2. What’s the worst purchase you ever made?

Probably a pair of over-the-knee boots online. They didn’t fit, looked terrible and were crushed velvet. Overall, not a good idea.

3. Is magic real?

Definitely not. I’d love for it to be real. I would be super into that, but I’m a firm believer in science and things being able to be proven to be real.

4. What does a perfect day look like?

Seattle with my family. Going to the pier, Piroshky Piroshky Bakery and of course watching The International (Dota 2) finals.

5. What’s your favorite song to sing out loud?

“Bohemian Rhapsody.” Seriously, who doesn’t love jamming to that?

6. Why do you hate wet bathroom floors so much?

I really don’t like the idea of walking into a room and stepping in something and having no idea what it is! I have young kids. Realistically, it could be pee or puke or something that you really don’t want to step in. Also, I’m super clumsy. The likelihood of me slipping and falling is really high.

7. Which emoji do you use the most?

The crying laughing face. I text my mom 99 percent of my day, and that’s my reaction to most things she says.

8. Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever been?

A judgment day event. Putting teens in coffins to make them think about their decisions and “eternal soul” is crazy.

9. What was the last photo you took?

Saturday evening, we went to the Día de los Muertos celebration, and both of my kids had their faces painted with sugar skulls. So, it’s pictures of their faces.

10. What excites you most about working at Jajo?

It’s such a great team and fun atmosphere! I love the collaboration between departments and the ability to really feel like part of a team instead of just a “coordinator.” The fact that a lot of my accounts are local makes the creative process so much more fulfilling to see as well.