Garden City Community College (GCCC) has chosen Jajo as its strategic partner for upcoming rebranding and marketing initiatives.

The new relationship comes at an exhilarating time for GCCC, when they’ve experienced a 5 percent enrollment increase for the 2014 – 2015 academic school year. With strong leadership, new academic initiatives and several expansion projects underway, this is the right time to rejuvenate the look of this rapidly growing midwest college.

“We are extremely excited to enter into this collaborative partnership with Jajo,” said Ryan Ruda, Vice President of Student Services. “GCCC strives for quality and excellence in all endeavors, and we partnered with Jajo because they have similar standards. As we embark on new pathways for marketing GCCC, we are excited to have Jajo as a partner in this strategic initiative.”

With the goal of developing an innovative and consistent identity that pays tribute to the college’s 95-year legacy, Jajo will evaluate the current brand image by establishing goals based on the GCCC mission. The rebrand will support further marketing tactics and a user-friendly website to be launched next year.

“We are thrilled to gain a new partnership with a great institution in a growing community,” Managing Partner Shawn Stuckey said. “Our goal it to position GCCC for future growth and increase their visibility throughout our region.”