In 2007, Jajo was presented with the opportunity to brand a new non-profit organization with aspirations to empower corporations to feed the hungry. Today, Numana, Inc. has become a driving force in hunger relief efforts throughout the United States and announces the launch of a new face, and era, this week for Numana –

“We are humbled and proud of the impact Numana has had on our global community,” said Rick McNary, president and CEO of Numana, Inc. “Jajo has been an influential part of our success. Its dedication to establishing our brand, following our vision, has helped us feed over 10 million people in just a few short months.”

Focused on the organization’s mission to “empower people to save the starving,” Jajo worked with early founders to develop a cohesive brand – all starting with a name for the organization. Further efforts included establishment of brand identity and corporate messages, as well as tactical approaches and executions – from refreshed Web branding to public relations and social media.

“Numana is fueled by genuine passion and heart,” said Steve Randa, managing partner at Jajo. “We are lucky to witness it firsthand by not only having the opportunity to create, but grow Numana’s brand along with the organization.”