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Stereotypical isn’t on her playlist, but remembering every song ever definitely is. Superhero name: check. Cathartic cleaner: check. Lover of sleep: check. And if you need any fashion advice, she’s got your back. Let’s dig into the designer dome of Chloe Cloud together, shall we?

Whether he’s gone fishin’ or dominating ‘80s video games, this guy could match the masters step for step. Along with the fact that he has the whole time travel thing figured out, we’re pretty excited to see where this goes. Kick back and relax with our newest designer, Philip Roth.

He’s a big fan of expensive shoes and Chris Pratt. But one thing he definitely does not love is cleaning his room. If you’ve been waiting to know everything about our new brand coordinator, your chance is finally here!

We’re not sure if there’s anyone on earth who knows B-movie monsters as well as this guy. And if you even think about messing with his dog, or any dog for that matter, he’s totally prepared to go full-on John Wick. He’s Shawn Money. He’s our new art director. And he’s legit.

Andrew can save the world, win his way to a championship and conquer the world all in a matter of an afternoon. And if you need a little help with historical trivia, he’s got your back. Let’s dig deep into the mind of our new brand specialist, Andrew Bayless.