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What We Do

Jajo connects brands to customers. Together, we can build the best marketing strategy for results-oriented outcomes.
Brand Strategy


We solve complex brand challenges through strategies of critical thinking. Let’s build a strong foundation on insight and chart the course.



Brand perception is a powerful influence and can happen in seconds. We help your business shape each opportunity to be iconic.

Brand Experience


The goal? Stay within arm's reach. We develop accessible brand experiences to resonate and empathize with your customers’ real needs.

Brand Engagement


Promoting brand awareness or marketing new offerings is a favorite of ours. Start driving measurable results and onboard lasting relationships.

Industry Experience

Our background defines who we are.

Throughout every relationship, we continue to perfect the way we can support brands with niche marketing needs. Because at the core of it, B2B or B2C, those experiences are only as good as how they are applied. We put them to work.

  • Aviation Marketing
  • Bank & Financial Marketing
  • Biotechnology Marketing
  • Food & Beverage Marketing
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Retail Consumer Marketing
  • Professional Services
  • Travel & Tourism Marketing

How We Work

Intuitive solutions tailored to you.
Plan and Discover 01

Plan & Discover

After comprehensive marketing research and brand analysis, we develop a custom strategy based on your needs. By making efficient, strategic goals, we’re better able to connect with your audience on a deep and meaningful level.

Solve and Execute 02

Solve & Execute

A great strategy is nothing without solid, unique tactics to back it up. Our team works to find and refine the best solution suited to your needs. We don’t just create work we deem worthy, we create work that your audience is moved by and can believe in.

Launch 03


Once your masterpiece is ready to go out into the world, we choose the avenue of widest reach, where your targeted audience will see and connect with it far and wide. This artfully conceived initial contact is just another step toward brand loyalty.

Jajo Studios

Around the Office

Designed for growth.

Our environment is a reflection of our values as a team. Jajo isn't just a place of work — it's a home, where our family continues to expand. Culture like ours is rare, and when you find it, you hold it close. A culmination of values, experiences and passions keep the inspiration circulating, so you always come out ahead. ❤︎ #ICT #STL

Meet the Team

Integrated Marketing Services For Post Modern Brand Experiences

What is the benefit of integrated marketing services for a company looking to become an industry leader in today’s digital environment? Many firms can help alleviate the learning curve of identifying features, products, and platforms without putting customer experience as the focus. An integrated marketing communications strategy begins with examining values, strengths, and exceeding current expectations in the industry. When following trends in business technology and marketing it is easy to spread efforts thin, this dilutes your brand.

Rather than checking off boxes, start leading your customers by providing what matters to them. Our services are constantly evolving and with our processes of planning, discovery, solve, and execution our team can serve any agenda worth building. Combining development, creativity, and e-commerce tools backgrounds will allow you to work towards creating unique and personalized communications. This is the benefit of any campaign, integrated marketing communications can strengthen the focus of why your brand truly matters to customers.

The ins and outs of e-commerce, google marketing, SEO, UI UX design, and social media marketing are constantly evolving. Translating these tactics to a way that matters to customers.

Build believers with Jajo. Partnerships for better branding.