Everything we do here at Jajo is part of a process, and that process is a two way street. As far as I know, no one can simply snap their fingers and make a product appear. Through teamwork and collaboration, we are able to achieve great feats of form and function.

The first step is to plan. We like to get to know our clients before hatching a new design. The web department, for example, will kickoff any web project with a questionnaire. Everything we do in this phase is about learning the client’s needs and vision while also offering our advice. The planning process may be short or long depending on the scope of the project.

Once we’ve gathered up a reasonable amount of info and assets, we can piece it together into a site map, wireframe and ui/ux concept. Eventually, these bones are approved and we can begin adding the skin and muscle. Using the wireframes as a reference, our designers design a desktop and mobile version of the main page, as well as a few sub pages. Fonts, colors and hierarchy are decided; all of it based on brand guidelines. Assets, such as images and media, are implemented as placeholders for the client to review.

Next is development. When the project is this far along, the design is pretty well set in stone. It’s time to build a framework and add in thematic elements to create a working site. Eventually, the site is operational and live.

Planning, design and development are considered separate phases. This helps everyone stay on task and adds value to the work. Through this process, we are able to trade information and offer our advice so that the end product meets and exceeds our client’s expectations.