Jajo welcomed Brand Specialist Evan Fast to its staff. Fast, originally from Goessel, Kan., will be responsible for daily contact between Jajo and client accounts. He will interact with all agency departments to move projects through from kickoff to completion, and develop strategic marketing plans for clients. The 2010 Bethel College graduate has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, Marketing & Management. Fast comes to Jajo from Flint Hills Design where he was acted as a principal, operations manager. Fun fact about Jajo’s newest brand specialist – he’s an avid cyclist who averages anywhere from 5,000 – 10,000 miles per year!

We’re really on a roll with these new hires and we’re so thrilled to share their deepest insights with you. Especially when those insights involve Rick Astley and a mouth full of chocolate cake. With that said, here is a glance into the mind of Evan.

1.    Have you ever experienced paranormal activity? Do elaborate. I stopped in Roswell, NM during a trip to the southwest, but I can’t say I’ve ever personally experienced any paranormal or extraterrestrial activity. I’ve also never seen the movie.

2.    What’s the maximum weight of cake you could eat? Depends on the cake. I could probably eat a couple pounds of chocolate cake if I had unlimited coffee to wash it down. Forget it if it’s angel food cake. That stuff’s gross.

3.    If you were told you could only listen to Abba or Rick Astley for the remainder of your life, which would you pick? Duh. Only one of those options is never going to give me up, let me down, run around or desert me.

4.    What’s your favorite pastime? I’ve always enjoyed trying new food, recipes and restaurants. My grandparents lived in college towns most of their lives since my grandpa was a college professor. My grandma was an amazing cook and always opened her house to international students and families who needed a place to stay, so she passed down her love of international cooking to my parents. When we would go on family vacations, we would always search for new Indian, Ethiopian, Vietnamese or Mexican restaurants. Even today, my favorite part of going on a trip is getting to try out a variety of new restaurants.

5.    What would you choose for your last meal? Either a plate of perfectly done burnt ends and a good IPA, or Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, a cup of coffee and a fresh cinnamon roll.

6.    Did you — or do you — have a nickname? What’s the story behind it? I grew up in a town of 500 people and out of the 25 students in my high school graduating class, three of us were named Evan. We simply went by our last names, so my nickname was “Fast” for most of middle school and high school.

7.    What makes you laugh? You know, the normal stuff. “Arrested Development,” cat videos on YouTube, well-timed cards during a game of Cards Against Humanity, etc.

8.   If you could only grab three items under the circumstance your home were going to be destroyed, what would you grab? Why? (assuming all people and pets were already safe). Assuming that this isn’t an end of the world, zombie apocalypse-type situation, I’ll grab my road bike, cyclocross bike and mountain bike. Wait, can I change my answer before my wife reads that? I’ll grab one bicycle, my computer, and our wedding photo album.

9. What is the worst piece of advice you’ve ever been given? I can’t think of any specific bad advice I’ve been given recently. I suppose that’s a good thing!

10. What is the proudest moment or greatest achievement of your career so far? Getting to work with all the incredible people here at Jajo! But really, the proudest moments in my career have come when helping clients launch projects or campaigns that truly impacted their business. It’s a great feeling when a project goes out the door and you see it make a positive impact for the client!