WICHITA, Kan. — Three members of Jajo’s leadership team have accepted positions on Wichita boards and in the classroom. Steve Randa, managing partner, now sits on the Elliott School of Communication Advisory Board at Wichita State University. The Shocker Athletic Scholarship Organization (SASO) and City of Wichita Design Council have both elected Jajo managing partner Shawn Stuckey to their boards. Jason Gramke, creative director of Jajo, is named adjunct professor at Newman University.

A graduate of WSU, Randa will join 19 other leaders in Wichita’s media and communications industry on the Advisory board. The goal of the board is to provide insight, based on current business trends and tactics, to the director of the school – aiming to best prepare its students for the communications workforce.

Stuckey is also an alumnus of WSU, and his election to the SASO board will allow him to give back to WSU student athletes, helping to raise funds allowing shocker student athletes to excel in the classroom, and in their sport. The City of Wichita Design Council will gain Stuckey’s knowledge into balancing image with strategic planning in Wichita building design and development.

Gramke’s upper level course at Newman University, called Visual Concepts, focuses on helping graphic design students develop ideas to tell a story. “We recognize that young people are the future of our community, industry and agency. We’re committed to take an active role to help develop them into aspiring leaders,” Gramke says about his educational role.

Jajo staff supports its leadership’s dedication to the City of Wichita’s communications industry, and aspiring local students.