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Jason never forgets to say “howdy” to a new face. His down-home outlook is tied deeply to his Arkansas roots, which he brings along with 13 years of web development experience to the St. Louis team. Join us as we adventure with Jason to learn about his passion for blues guitar licks, St. Louis cuisine and the love language of computers.

From kids to coffee to indie concept masterpieces, Kelsey knows the simple things in life are not always simple, but they’re totally worth it.

Abby is all about friends, family and dance parties. When she’s not filling the agency with energy, she’s in the mountains camping and hiking or sipping a drink somewhere on a sunny patio.

Jajo is excited to announce its newest partnership with Lyndon’s Clothing.

Jajo Wins With New Website

October 16, 2017 in Agency

Jajo announces that its website has been featured in HOW Magazine’s fall issue, which recognizes the world's best promotional designs.